About Us

Bhabada Devi Philanthropic Trust is working for the benefit of the under privileged and deprived section of the society especially women of North East India.

North East India has the lowest per capita holding of cultivable land in India. Recurring floods which inundates vast areas every year further shrink land availability because of silting. Being primarily an agrarian economy, with hardly any discernible industrial growth, the condition of the common man in the countryside is appalling. One of the consequences of this pathetic state is the gradual disintegration of the traditional family values and ethos.


To sustain the aims and objectives of the Trust and to widen itís net, requires huge amount of funding, professional help and management skills. As of now, the Trust is dependent on individual donations of a few middle class citizens including regular monthly donations by a retired armed forces officer who has also donated the land and the building in memory of his large hearted and blind mother. This amount is hardly enough to sustain twelve destitute women although the building can accommodate more than double this figure with minor modifications. For its well being and progression significant funding is needed. Similarly a couple of medical professionals have pledged to look after the basic health of the residents free of cost. But expenses needed for the professional geriatric care and tending to illness which requires hospitalization is not catered for because of financial constraint.

Planned Project Activities (1 to 3 years)


  1. Immediate
    • To run the destitute home efficiently and selflessly
    • To develop expertise to run such homes in other places of the country
  2. Year 2
    • To establish atleast one more such home in a different location within Assam
    • To explore the possibility of opening atleast one skill development institute in a remote area for school drop outs and those youth who cannot afford schooling. The skills being contemplated are driving, plumbing, electric wiring, welding and hotel/restaurant waiters
  3. Year 3
    • Have 2 more destitute homes for the old. One of them will be for old males with similar condition as the destitute women
    • To establish atleast one skill development unit in a remote area