About Us

Bhabada Devi Philanthropic Trust is working for the benefit of the under privileged and deprived section of the society especially women of North East India.

North East India has the lowest per capita holding of cultivable land in India. Recurring floods which inundates vast areas every year further shrink land availability because of silting. Being primarily an agrarian economy, with hardly any discernible industrial growth, the condition of the common man in the countryside is appalling. One of the consequences of this pathetic state is the gradual disintegration of the traditional family values and ethos.

The worst sufferers are the old and the infirm since their children in many cases, are dumping them to fend for themselves out of economic compulsions. Women in the age group of fifty and above are the ones who suffer the most, because they are mentally and physically vulnerable.

Extensive tours of the remote villages have revealed the sordid plight of scores of such old women who make their living by begging from house to house or doing sundry jobs in households, for a morsel of food and shelter. To alleviate their suffering and bring dignity and succor to some of these women, the Trust has opened a destitute home at Guwahati. Aptly named SENEH, meaning ‘Selfless Love’, the home provides shelter, food, medical care, clothing and all necessities for sustaining a decent dignified life. The vision is that in the sunset years of their lives, they can once again learn to laugh and sing and live together as a family ... all ABSOLUTELY FREE.

As of now there are 20 destitute women who have made SENEH their home. Unfortunately the present facilities cannot accomodate any more, although, almost every day the management gets distress calls from others with genuine needs. The extent of help that such hapless women require is evident from the fact that in the last 4 years SENEH has organized cataract operations for 12 residents, provided dentures to 5, hearing aid to 2 and all 12 are being treated for various ailments including prolonged psychiatric medication for 6. As examples of the apathy experienced by these residents, one of the current residents was abandoned since she is absolutely blind. Yet another was picked up from a remote village on the Assam Bhutan Border living as a hermit since the villagers thought she was a witch.

Seneh also runs a free medical camp every Sunday for the poor. Two doctors provide free consultancy while the medicines are supplied free of charge by Seneh. On average 25 patients take advantage of this humanitarian effort.

Recently the Trust has expanded it’s activities to include provision of financial help to a few needy meritorious students. It has also made provision for providing Drinking water by digging a bore well to a remote hamlet.

“Seneh” is administered by a Board of Trustees comprising of sixteen eminent personalities that include Retired Armed Forces Officers, Retired and practicing Doctors, Technocrats, eminent writers, columnists and social workers.

The destitute home is run by a team of five employees. A dedicated 44 years old dedicated lady, two in-house nurses, an accounts and e- consultant and a young in house help. The first three live in the complex itself. In addition two doctors are on call 24x7. The residents do the household chores themselves including cooking and other house keeping jobs.