Kusum Deka
Kusum, 75, was born in a poor family in a village 150 km away from Guwahati. Her parents lived on pittance. They had a small land holding that her father used to till. Unfortunately her father died when she seven. Her mother and old grandfather brought her up. The mother used to work part time as household help to sustain. She had one brother. She never went to school. She was married off when she was only fourteen to a small time vegetable trader. They had one girl child. ..see more

Somar Orang
The around fifty Somari comes from an Adivasi family. Her parents died when she was around seven. She had two brothers. The eldest got married early, learnt driving and picked up a job at Guwahati around two hundred kilometre away from their home. He remained at Guwahati took to drinking. But his wife started working as a help in a kindergarten school. Samari is mentally slightly differently abled. Her other brother used to till the small holding and get a crop that was not sufficient to live...see more

Rajbonti, approx. 70 years of age was brought to Seneh by a women’s group of Guwahati.  According to them, she worked for 10 years in their club as a cleaner. She initially lived in a makeshift shack nearby, but the group got her to their club, provided accommodation and the cleaner and caretaker job . She says, she was born at Jaunpur district of Bihar. She does not remember the name of the village. She was married to a gentleman from the same area and together they migrated to Guwahati where he worked as a labourer. They had a daughter who died and there after she was unable to bear any children.see more

Jugamaya Goswami
A resident of our North Lakhimpur home, Jugamaya, approx. 50 years old, does not remember any thing about her past. The local civil authorities rescued her from a remote lonely area when she was loitering aimlessly and handed her over to us. We found her mentally unstable. From appearance and mannerism she appears to be from a good family. She has been put on psychiatric treatment and her mental condition now  can be termed as stable. Lately the doctors found her uterus infected. Her operation for the removal of the uterus is scheduled for the month of February 2019 since the doctors are not taking any chances because of her psychiatric problems..see more

Tulumai  Bora
Fate had played havoc on this talented and well mannered seventy year old. She hailed from a village of Nogaon district of Assam. Her parents were small time peasants with practically no land holding. The land where the house her father built was donated by a prosperous villager whose land her father tilled. The family consisted of seven siblings and the parents. Two boys and five daughters. Tulumai studied to middle school level and early in life eloped with a young man of a nearby village.  He later turned out to be a scoundrel. He was arrested for murder and served long years in jail. By that time they had two daughters.see more

Purnima Adhikari
A spinster this sixty plus woman was born in a tribal family  in a village about ninety kilometre away from Guwahati, Assam. Her family was relatively well off in a sense that they had enough land to cultivate and the single crop of paddy was enough to feed the family of nine and also sell the surplus to cater for the other needs. Purnima went to the only Girls school situated 4 km away which she along with few others from the  village walked every day to and fro .She appeared in the matriculation examination and plucked. That ended her studies. A year later her father died. She lost her mother early. .see more

Bibianna, around sixty,  hails from a tribal district of Jharkhand  bordering Bihar. Her father was a marginal farmer who could hardly make both ends meet with his six children, three daughters and equal number of sons. All of them other than Bibianna died early She was married to a gentleman who lived in a tribal village in Orissa. He sired a son but abandoned her after she became hunched after some ailment on her back. A practicing devout Christian, she came back to her mother’s home and lived there for good 14 years. The son grew up, left her and started trading on fish. Her health specially her back started giving her goose bumps with no one to care for her. She shifted to her sister’s home and stayed there for about a year. She does not remember what happened afterwards. . .see more

Ms. Purnima Rabha

Purnima an approx 50 plus years old was lying on the pavement of a busy intersection partially conscious in great pain. Both her legs were swollen at least four times the normal with liquid oozing out. In one of the worst affected fingers some parasites could be seen crawling. Some passerby threw petrol on this wound probably to kill the parasites. In the process burned the area. A foul smell was emanating from these wounds. Hundreds passed by, but not a single man helped. Our volunteers spotted her, lifted her and brought her in. She was admitted to the ICU of a private hospital and was put on live support. .see more


The fifty two year old Mohini , a graduate, was married to an electrical linesman working for the state    electricity board, as per the wishes of her parents immediately after she appeared for her graduation. Within days of her marriage, she discovered, her husband had a very loose character. He was an alcoholic and a habitual gambler. On top of that, she found out  that he had illicit relationship with his own sister in law. That resulted in frequent scuffles with his brother who because of demand of his work, had to stay away from their home. Whenever she confronted him with proof including red handed ones.see more

 Kunjabala Devi
  Kunjabala (52 years), entered into the Seneh family around eight months back. We were informed about her plight by one of her distant relative. A fact finding team went to her village approximately 150 hours away from Guwahati. They discovered her living with her related brother in law. She appeared extremely scared of her brother in law and withdrew into a shell the moment he entered the courtyard where our team met her. Some neighbours and her sister kept requesting us to take her away since she had no one to bank on.  We brought her to “Seneh” our home for destitute old women. After observing her, we noticed she was retarded. see more

Smti Akan Dutta :Age: 60 years
Akan hailed from  a poor family living in Nagaon.At  very tender age she  was married to a man who actually was forced by his parents to marry Akan, although his heart was elsewhere. From day one, they had a very tumultuous relationship. The husband will abuse her physically and mentally and treat her as if she was a servant.  He also would torture her and beat her mercilessly at the slightest pretext. Unable to bear the trauma, one they she walked out of her husbands home and took refuse in her elder sisters home. She lived with them for about twelve years. Her brother in law grudgingly allowed her to stay although he displayed his displeasure often. .see more
      Anamika : The hearing and speech impaired, aproximately 65, was forcibly dropped from a  car in the vicinity of the Police Station in Goalpara Town , 150 km away from Guwahati. Because of her disability coupled with the fact that she does not know how to read or write, the police could not ascertain her origin  or antecedents. The officer in-charge of the police station brought her for shelter to our home for Destitute Old Women “SENEH” . Since no one knew her name we named her Anamika , meaning nameless in Assamese. Now she looks very happy and willingly helps others in performing the house hold scores .see more
Smti Rupali Neog:
Age: 50 years
Rupali  was born blind in a poor family in rural Assam. Without any medical intervention which probably could have restored partial eyesight, she remained blind for life.  Her travails with life started at the tender age of eight when her mother died. Her father took another wife.Within days, her stepmother started thinking she was a burden and maltreated her. She will beat her up in slightest pretext, made her work morning till night, and quite often, would not even give her two square meals. With her disability, she silently withstood the trauma till she met an another blind man who came to their house for begging. He was moved by her plight. see more

Nirupama Devi
Nirupama Devi, around fifty plus, a divorcee, helpless woman had a son, but the court gave the custody of the boy to her husband when he was barely six. She remained single for twenty years, lived on pittance earned as a help in a match factory till it downed its shutters. There after she had no money or a place to live. Her son , by then 21 year old, used to help her occasionally without the knowledge of his father. He started a small business to sustain but failed in his endeavour.  In the mean time she turned an alcoholic who would drink country liquor for days together without food. Her health deteriorated and she was turned into a skeletonsee more

She is Lalita , around forty plus. She was married off to  man, a safaikarmachari at the very tender age of thirteen. She hailed from a remote village of Bihar. She seemsome what retarded. That used to enrage her husband who would beat her mercilessly at the slightest pretext.   He was an alcoholic too. Lalita delivered three healthy girl child which also was a reason for her ordeals. Three years back her husband died living her helpless and shelter less. Luckily for her, her elder brother in law is a kind man. He undertook to look after the children but being very poor could not afford to give shelter and food to all the four. While he was willing to give shelter and look after the children , Lalita had nowhere to go. She does not remember the name of the village of her parents, who are actually dead.see more
Arati was picked up from a village 300 miles away from Guwahati when we heard about the story of this mentally unstable mother of three. Her husband committed suicide , the eldest male child working as a small tea stall help and his two younger siblings living with their very poor and old maternal grand mother. Arti would loiter on the road and spend the night under trees. Sometimes people will take pity and give her food. When normal she also did house hold works in houses to earn her food. Her bout of attack comes once or twice in a month when she turns violent and abusive. The villagers tie her in a tree and live her alone.see more


Nothing is known about Bina.s past except that she was handed over to us by “Ashadeep” the NGO who treats mentally unstable women . Bina was picked up from the street by Ashadeep and treated for Schizophrenia . She was in their hospital for a year. When Ashadeep’s treatment showed results, Bina was handed over to us since no one claimed her nor did she remember anything about of her past. For last one a half years, Bina is living at” Seneh”. As per advice of the Doctors of Ashadeep , Bina is on psychiatric drug which she has to take for her entire life .see more

This 75 year old (approx) was born in a remote village in Nepal. She had two brothers and one sister. Both brothers died, one with TB and the other for excessive drinking. She does not know where her married younger sister is. She was married to a carpenter in Nepal. The family migrated to a village named Bholatal in Assam Bhutan Border. They joined the house hold of a rich farmer, she as the house maid and he to work in the fields. Her memory is cloudy. She remembers a daughter was born to her at the landlord’s house but when we ask her the daughter’s whereabouts she gives a blank look. They left the landlord and settled in a small village nearby. She says that her daughter died in this see more
Unlike others, Gita has a large family but no where to go. The story of her life as narrated below are from what she had told us. Her eldest daughter and her husband are both professors in a college. They are apparently wealthy and known. Her third daughter’s husband is a school teacher. Her married son however has no known source of income.
She was married to a middle level officer of Government of Assam. With a big house and cultivable land they were quite well off and lived a life of contentment. When her husband died prematurely, both her elder daughters were married. The second although was a widow with two small children. see more
Manju was brought to “Seneh” , our home for Destitute Old Women, from a state run home after a young housewife narrated to us about the treatment meted out to her in the home. The warden would beat her and keep her in solitary confinement for days without food, because, she steals knick knacks from all and sundry. She would also be missing from the home for hours together without informing. The process of getting her out from the home was tedious since it required signing an affidavit in court that we will take care of her for the rest of her life and we indemnify the state from any legal implications. It also involved lot of bureaucratic hurdles see more
MILU: A young journalist of a local News Paper informed us about an old woman lying on the crowded pavement outside Guwahati High Court sometimes in the month of March 2012. On our request, this compassionate young man picked her up in a three wheeler and delivered her to us. She feebly and somewhat incoherently told us, she did not have any food for four days in a row. We gave her food and a comfortable bed and within an hour she could talk coherently. The on call doctors found her extremely weak because of starvation , suffering from high blood pressure and anemic. On his advice we started giving her protein supplements and iron tablets and within a fortnight she was up and about. But then, we realized she was mentally unstable. see more


This 65 yr old was picked up from a thatched hamlet on top of a wooded hilltop. She was living alone , dependent on some nearby villagers who would frequently give her food. Because of a road accident, she had multiple fractures on her limbs which although joined  was very painful to her. She would walk with the support of a wooden stick, limping in pain. see more


Sarala was picked up from her shack located in a suburb of Guwahati by our team when we were informed about the plight of this visually impaired woman by a neighbor two years back. According to her , she lost her eye sight at the tender age of four when she sustained eye injuries and some village quack treated her for it. This story is not subscribed by the ophthalmologists we consulted. According to them, her ophthalmic nerves are beyond repairs which indicates she was born blind. Strangely, Sarala can differentiate colours. see more


Urmila was picked up from a village near Tongla of Sonitpur district of Assam. We were informed of Urmila by a young man of the area who took pity on this blind woman who lived on a hutment and survived on alms given by villagers. He came to know about Seneh because of a piece of news about us broadcasted by a local T V channel.

Urmila has nobody in the World whom she can claim as her relation. Born in a poor villagers family, she had three other siblings. All of them died in their prime. She lost her mother when she was eight and father when she was fourteen. see more
We or for that matter no one knows about Sukhis past. She cannot remember anything. Sukhi was handed over to us by a local NGO after treating her successfully for schizophrenia. She could hardly see or hear. She would hardly talk and even if she tried we could hardly decipher what she wanted to convey. Except a few broken teeth she had none others. Sukhi , we were informed, was picked up from the street by the NGO. Her physical condition was pathetic.see more
Recovered at Kolkota in 2008 by a NGO "Paripurnata", dealing with uncared Mental patients. She being from NE State the Ngo brought her to ASHADEEP (NavChetna Transit Centre), Guwahati ,NGO dealing with care of uncared patients. She was sent to her home at kalagaon with the help of Ashadeeps's Social Worker.She spent sometime with her mother in her home. But, she being an old case of psysophenia, the symptoms reoccured . Neighbours brought her to Ashadeep Navchetna Centre at Panjabari, Guwahati 5/10/2009. On improvement she was back home on 19/03/2010. Her mother expired on 11/02/11 (Father Expired earlier).There was none to look after her ..see more
Shefali, 70 years of age,is unable to remember coherently about her past because of dementia. We pieced together tit bits from what she narrated below. She originally hailed from earstwhile East Bengal ( Now Bangla Desh).The family migrated to Kolkata because of partition. At Kolkata her father died leaving her mother with two kids alone in the refugee camp. Sometimes in fifties her mother took her two children , Shefali and her kid brother, and came to Guwahati in pursuit of a job. She started working as a part time help in two houses and lived in a make shift house. Shefali around fifteen then, started helping her mother when a suitor came and married her. He worked as a supervisor in some place. They had a son.  see more
Jharna , fifty five, is the latest to join the “Seneh” family. Hailing from a BPL family her father was a daily wage earner and the mother would do household works in different houses. Jarna had five siblings, five sisters and two brothers. Jharna went to school but had to give up her schooling when she was in the fifth grade since she had to help her parents in earning by doing household works in others houses. She however continued her studies at home in her spare time of her own till she was able to read and write well. When about thirty, in the year of 1986, she got married to a boy hailing from a nearby village. see more
Jinu Devi was born in a viillage near Mangaldoi on the north bank of Brahmaputra in a economically middle class family. She was interested for social service from her early childhood and so after graduating she decided to abandon family life and join the Kasturba Ashram training at Guwahati.  At the age of twenty in 1985 she joined Kashturba Ashram despite opposition from the family. After one year of training she was sent to different places all over Assam for social works. She also went to Kashturba Gram at Madhya pradesh for further training and social works in 1991 and stayed there up to 1999.... see more
Usha ,around seventy, is hardly four feet tall but she is a bundle of energy. Anyone who visits Seneh will find the sprightly Usha running with folded hands to greet him/her before even others react. Usha was born to a poor family in present day Bangladesh. Her father was a help in a Zamindars family. She had four siblings. At the tender age of twelve she was married to a small time grocer. After 71 war, fearing their lives because of religious persecution , they fled Bangladesh, crossed the border through a riverine route. see more
Ashalata, around sixty, normally moody, confused and complaining about imaginary sicknesses that Doctors feel she is shaming, is otherwise a beautiful woman with healthy teeth and pleasing countenance. Life had never been easy for her. Born to a Hindu family, they migrated to Assam from Bangladesh in 1971 with her husband and son. They settled in Assam in rural Kamrup, Assam ... see more