Rajbonti, approx. 70 years of age was brought to Seneh by a women’s group of Guwahati.  According to them, she worked for 10 years in their club as a cleaner. She initially lived in a makeshift shack nearby, but the group got her to their club, provided accommodation and the cleaner and caretaker job . She says, she was born at Jaunpur district of Bihar. She does not remember the name of the village. She was married to a gentleman from the same area and together they migrated to Guwahati where he worked as a labourer. They had a daughter who died and there after she was unable to bear any children. The husband left her, got married to an another woman and deserted her at Guwahati with nothing. Initially she lived under the extended roof of a temple and later to the railway platform and ultimately to a small make shift shack by the side of a multi storied complexes. All along she lived by begging. The President of the club spotted her and brought her to the club where she lived there after till she became forgetful and sick. She is in Seneh now for more than a year. We found her to be a case of dementia. She has no control over her bladder and bowel movement. Otherwise she is a darling of all.