Tulumai  Bora
Fate had played havoc on this talented and well mannered seventy year old. She hailed from a village of Nogaon district of Assam. Her parents were small time peasants with practically no land holding. The land where the house her father built was donated by a prosperous villager whose land her father tilled. The family consisted of seven siblings and the parents. Two boys and five daughters. Tulumai studied to middle school level and early in life eloped with a young man of a nearby village.  He later turned out to be a scoundrel. He was arrested for murder and served long years in jail. By that time they had two daughters. With no one to support her she returned back to her mother’s home with the two daughters. But soon the younger daughter died of illness. The elder one grew up and was married off to a man who is very poor.
Both her parents and three siblings died subsequently within next fifteen years leaving her all alone since her only living brother deserted them and the two surviving sisters got married. She lived all alone in the old dilapidated house which used to leak profoundly. On top of that the original owner of the land pressed on her to vacate the land since he decided to use the land for commercial purpose. Her sisters were reluctant to accommodate her. Her daughter herself was unable to make both ends meet. Her plight was focussed by a local TV channel, and a local NGO brought her in. However within days she felt unease in the NGOs home and left it. Her sister brought her to Seneh. Tulumai is very happy here. She is an expert knitter and also very efficient in needle work. She feels quite at ease at Seneh and she says in last thirty years she had never been so happy.