Bibianna, around sixty,   hails from a tribal district of Jharkhand  bordering Bihar. Her father was a marginal farmer who could hardly make both ends meet with his six children, three daughters and equal number of sons. All of them other than Bibianna died early She was married to a gentleman who lived in a tribal village in Orissa. He sired a son but abandoned her after she became hunched after some ailment on her back. A practicing devout Christian, she came back to her mother’s home and lived there for good 14 years. The son grew up, left her and started trading on fish. Her health specially her back started giving her goose bumps with no one to care for her. She shifted to her sister’s home and stayed there for about a year. She does not remember what happened afterwards. She landed up by train in Guwahati. She had no food for 5 days till a kind old man spotted her sleeping on the platform, bought two loaves of bread and gave her. After her hunger pangs were partially satisfied she took stock of her situation, found out, where she landed up and decided to beg in the station. She desperately wanted some money and hence started to collect empty plastic water bottles from the platform and the bogies. She stored the bottles in a corner under the Railway over bridge. But after she collected reasonably large numbers of the bottles and decided to sell them and scouted a buyer, she found that all her treasures were stolen away by some drug addicted urchins, all platform dwellers. The haven fell on her. She remembers crying loud and some other platform dwellers trying to console her. Then for the second time she blacked out.  Once again she does not remember how she landed up in a remote lonely newly laid hill road that connects south Guwahati with central part of the city. Someyoung all members of a NGO, spotted her and informed the police who brought her to “Seneh” , our home for destitute old women. We found the hunched woman otherwise very active with a somewhat disturbed mind. She gets into a tranche whenever she hears devotional songs specially Christian hymns. Although the language is the barrier , she jells well with others who mostly speak Assamese. She is a very quick learner and is busy in her spare time to hand knit foot mats from torn Saries. We consulted the psychiatrist who did not find anything wrong in her.
We have informed the Police about her past and requested them to locate her son in Bihar as per the address given by her. We are yet to hear from them.