Smti Aakan Dutta :Age: 60 years
Akan hailed from  a poor family living in Nagaon.At  very tender age she  was married to a man who actually was forced by his parents to marry Akan, although his heart was elsewhere. From day one, they had a very tumultuous relationship. The husband will abuse her physically and mentally and treat her as if she was a servant.  He also would torture her and beat her mercilessly at the slightest pretext. Unable to bear the trauma, one they she walked out of her husbands home and took refuse in her elder sisters home. She lived with them for about twelve years. Her brother in law grudgingly allowed her to stay although he displayed his displeasure often. However she reconciled with her fate till her brother in law and sister both died in successive years. Her sister had an unmarried son who was not very accommodative. Nevertheless she hung on till she made with a road accident that required prolonged hospitalization. She remained in the hospital for more than six months. Her nephew did visit her very occasionally, as she remembers not more than three times in her hospitalization period. After she was up and about she begged her nephew to give her shelter. He hired an one room hut and she lived there sustaining on alms given by neighbours and at times a cooked meal from her nephew. Quite often she would go hungry for days since she was physically unable to earn her living. To be fair to her nephew , he continuously paid for the accommodation. Seneh’svolunteers spotted her and brought her home.