Arati Mandal

Arti was picked up from a village 300 miles away from Guwahati when we heard about the story of this mentally unstable mother of three. Her husband committed suicide , the eldest male child working as a small tea stall help and his two younger siblings living with their very poor and old maternal grand mother. Arti would loiter on the road and spend the night under trees. Sometimes people will take pity and give her food. When normal she also did house hold works in houses to earn her food. Her bout of attack comes once or twice in a month when she turns violent and abusive. The villagers tie her in a tree and live her alone.

Initially after arrival at Seneh, for 15 days Arti behaved normally. Then she got her bout of lunatic attack. Her eyes got blood shot, she became abusive and violent. No amount of sedation worked on her. We got Arti admitted in a mental hospital of a local NGO. She was treated in the hospital for 7 months and when her condition stabilized she was put on rehab. When we brought back Arti to Seneh she was so frail she was unable to stand. Her whole body would shake like fig.   

We started giving special food and medical care. She is on psychiatric drug which she has to take for her entire life. Her physical and mental condition improved tremendously. Today Arti looks absolutely normal. Her hands still shakes but she is helping others in cleaning, swabbing or cutting vegetables. We have made arrangements for her children to visit her every month one by one. Initially the children were scared to touch her. Today they jump into her frail arms whenever they meet her. Arti hugs them with a joy a mother can only understand. In the long run we intend to send her back and support her family. God willing we would succeed.