Nothing is known about Bina.s past except that she was handed over to us by “Ashadeep” the NGO who treats mentally unstable women . Bina was picked up from the street by Ashadeep and treated for Schizophrenia . She was in their hospital for a year. When Ashadeep’s treatment showed results, Bina was handed over to us since no one claimed her nor did she remember anything about of her past. For last one a half years, Bina is living at” Seneh”. As per advice of the Doctors of Ashadeep , Bina is on psychiatric drug which she has to take for her entire life . The in house nurse Nilima (No words  can describe her dedication), ensures she gets her daily dose of medication without fail.
  We donot know what actually was her original name or religion . Bina is the name given by us. From her talks, she appears to be of Bangladeshi origin.
  Bina is extremely frail and quiet. Unless asked, she would not talk and normally replies in monosyllables. But she is ever willing to help others in performing house hold jobs, specially sweeping and swabbing. Even if she is sick, she would not complain or talk about it. The keen and loving eyes of Nilima  is the only source of knowing her discomfiture.
 From her looks, we assume, Bina  is in her early fifties.