Unlike others, Gita has a large family but no where to go. The story of her life as narrated below are from what she had told us. Her eldest daughter and her husband are both professors in a college. They are apparently wealthy and known. Her third daughter’s husband is a school teacher. Her married son however has no known source of income.

She was married to a middle level officer of Government of Assam. With a big house and cultivable land they were quite well off and lived a life of contentment. When her husband died prematurely, both her elder daughters were married. The second although was a widow with two small children. The youngest daughter was of marriageable age and the son was schoolgoing. According to Gita, he was a vagabond who would not care for her or his own future.

The husband did not leave behind any hard cash or deposit hence Gita had to sell a portion of her property to sustain. She also met the expenditure of the marriage of her youngest daughter. One day, her twenty year old son brought home a girl quite elder to him and declared that they got married secretly. Gita’s ordeal started there after. Her son and daughter in law started ill treating her. Ultimately she sold off the house, invested the money in a SUV to be used as a taxi and shifted to her eldest daughter’s home. Her business venture bombed leaving her with a debt.

Her son in law started ill treating her. Her own daughter was helpless. Gitas patience gave away to utter despair when one day she heard her son in law introducing her to a gentleman as their house maid. She left his home quietly , came to Guwahati and after spending a few nights on the pavements, decided to commit suicide by jumping into the mighty Brahmaputra. She was stopped in the eleventh hour by an alert constable and the police handed her over to us.

Gita is an extremely talented lady. She is an expert weaver, very good in embroidery and cooking traditional Assamese food and snacks. Gita had a few medical problems. We got her operated for removal of her bleeding tumorous uterus. She is extremely anemic for which we had to organize blood transfusion and also suffers from high blood pressure.

We tried to unite her family and restore her to her daughter and son in laws. None of them were ready. Hence Gita is with us for last one year, she says in the twilight years of her life now, she has learnt to smile again.