Jharna , fifty five, is the latest to join the “Seneh” family. Hailing from a BPL family her father was a daily wage earner and the mother would do household works in different houses. Jarna had five siblings, five sisters and two brothers. Jharna went to school but had to give up her schooling when she was in the fifth grade since she had to help her parents in earning by doing household works in others houses. She however continued her studies at home in her spare time of her own till she was able to read and write well. When about thirty, in the year of 1986, she got married to a boy hailing from a nearby village. She started her married life with a happy note. Her husband, who worked in a match factory was extremely loving and caring. Within a year a boy was born to her. Misfortune started two years after their married life when her husband lost his job as the match factory closed its shutters. The couple did not give up. Both worked as house hold workers and left no leaf unturned to educate their only son. Their son was a brilliant student and passed his matriculation with flying colours. He joined a nearby college to pursue further studies. After two years in college, one day their son suddenly fell ill with very high fever. Within a span of 24 hours he breathed his last without any proper medication. Probably he contacted encaphalities. Suddenly the sky dropped down on their head. Jhrana was dumb stuck and could not even utter a word for next few months. Her husband’s health too declined. His heart would not work properly. Jharna tried her best to save her husband. She took her husband to a renowned heart hospital at Guwahati for treatment but in vain. She could not save her husband. He died in the year 2011. She staked everything she had for his treatment and lost everything, her small hut and whatever they saved in their 25 years of married life. With no shelter or means of livelihood she took shelter in her only surviving brother’s house. She was not a welcome guest and faced ill treatment every day. Exasperated and completely heart broken, she searched for safe shelter. She read about “ Seneh” in a local daily and contacted us. When she narrated her story we got her to“SENEH”. At “Seneh” she in no time endeared herself to all. She is an expert cook and in high demand from the other residents of “Seneh”.