JINU: Jinu Devi was born in a viillage near Mangaldoi on the north bank of Brahmaputra in a economically middle class family. She was interested for social service from her early childhood and so after graduating she decided to abandon family life and join the Kasturba Ashram training at Guwahati.  At the age of twenty in 1985 she joined Kashturba Ashram despite opposition from the family. After one year of training she was sent to different places all over Assam for social works. She also went to Kashturba Gram at Madhya pradesh for further training and social works in 1991 and stayed there up to 1999. In 2000 she decided to work for the most down trodden section of society and so joined the Gandhi Sewashram at Wardha in Maharastra and served the people till 2013. When she heard the news of death of her mother, she came back to Assam in the month of March, 2013. But her tragedy started when she started to live in her own home. Her only sibling her sister made all the property in her name. Though Jinu stayed there for an year, she was always mistreated and asked to go out. Her sister even engaged the neighbours to press Jinu to go away as she earlier left her house at her own will. When she could not face the mental torture anymore she came back to Guwahati Kashturba Ashram. Due to her ill health she was also not able to do social works any more. Kashturba Ashram informed her that she can not live there permanently as she earlier resigned at the time of joining Gandhi Ashram at Wardha. So she had nowhere to go. When she heard about "Seneh" she requested for shelter here and joined this home in the month of March 2015.