Kunjabala Devi
  Kunjabala (52 years), entered into the Seneh family around eight months back. We were informed about her plight by one of her distant relative. A fact finding team went to her village approximately 150 hours away from Guwahati. They discovered her living with her related brother in law. She appeared extremely scared of her brother in law and withdrew into a shell the moment he entered the courtyard where our team met her. Some neighbours and her sister kept requesting us to take her away since she had no one to bank on.  We brought her to “Seneh” our home for destitute old women. After observing her, we noticed she was retarded. We found her extremely timid and scared. Whenever a man approaches her , she tries to run away as if he is going to harm her. Her strides were unsure and she would talk only to answer a question. We consulted the psychiatrist, who opined, probably she suffered mental trauma because of some man who  tried to take advantage of her helplessness. She remained a spinster all her life.  She is on psychiatric medication. She now appears much more confident . Her general health also improved significantly.