She is Lalita , around forty plus. She was married off to  man, a safaikarmachari at the very tender age of thirteen. She hailed from a remote village of Bihar. She seemsome what retarded. That used to enrage her husband who would beat her mercilessly at the slightest pretext.   He was an alcoholic too. Lalita delivered three healthy girl child which also was a reason for her ordeals. Three years back her husband died living her helpless and shelter less. Luckily for her, her elder brother in law is a kind man. He undertook to look after the children but being very poor could not afford to give shelter and food to all the four. While he was willing to give shelter and look after the children , Lalita had nowhere to go. She does not remember the name of the village of her parents, who are actually dead. She came to us for help and we decided to take her into our  arms although strictly speaking, being less than fifty, she does not qualify to be our inmate. Presently she is under medical supervision for a host of ailments. She is improving day by day. Once she is cured, we plan to keep her as a special case and also help her brother in law in rehabilitating the three girls. We have applied to the local Government sponsored Child Welfare Committee for help. We also provide food staff regularly for the children