Manju was brought to “Seneh” , our home for Destitute Old Women, from a state run home after a young housewife narrated to us about the treatment meted out to her in the home. The warden would beat her and keep her in solitary confinement for days without food, because, she steals knick knacks from all and sundry. She would also be missing from the home for hours together without informing. The process of getting her out from the home was tedious since it required signing an affidavit in court that we will take care of her for the rest of her life and we indemnify the state from any legal implications. It also involved lot of bureaucratic hurdles

On arrival, we were horrified to see the torture marks on her body. Manju is with us for more than a year now. Her problem is that she is a kleptomaniac. We consulted the psychiatrist who told us there is no cure for it other than accepting it and not making an issue with her about it. We have learnt to ignore it. Other than this, Manju is a very amiable and talented woman with some singularly out standing qualities. She is an accomplished knitter and good cook.

Nothing much is known about Manju‘s past except that she was born in a home for destitute women and she spent her entire life in orphanages and homes for destitute women across the state. One lady, a social worker whose husband was an employee of the Orphanage where Manju was born, gives a horrifying story about the circumstances under which her mother delivered her in the orphanage. According to her, it involves a scandal of a renowned family of Assam. Since we could not verify her claim, we donot wish to dwell on it. Suffice it to say, this unfortunate 60 years old has no body in the World whom she can claim as her own kin . Her life started in an orphanage and she remained an orphan through out her life and lived her life all alone in different state run homes for such persons.

Manju had few ailing teeth left when she came into the family of ‘Seneh’. We got them extracted and given her dentures. We also organized her cataract operation of both eyes.Manju is on medication for High Blood Pressure. In addition, some psychiatric drugs are given that some how contains her urge to steal. She is frail but very energetic. She is a staunch vegetarian and insists on cooking her own food separately whenever a non vegetarian meal is cooked.