A young journalist of a local News Paper informed us about an old woman lying on the crowded pavement outside Guwahati High Court sometimes in the month of March 2012. On our request, this compassionate young man picked her up in a three wheeler and delivered her to us. She feebly and somewhat incoherently told us, she did not have any food for four days in a row. We gave her food and a comfortable bed and within an hour she could talk coherently. The on call doctors found her extremely weak because of starvation , suffering from high blood pressure and anemic. On his advice we started giving her protein supplements and iron tablets and within a fortnight she was up and about. But then, we realized she was mentally unstable. We organized her treatment as an inpatient in the free mental hospital of the NGO , Ashadeep. Milu stayed there for three months. When her mental condition improved, she was brought her to Seneh. She will have to be on psychiatric drug for rest of her life. The drugs have made Milu extremely weak and fragile. Even today Milu can hardly walk. She has no control over her bowel and urine movements. Honestly she is the biggest challenge for the extremely dutiful and compassionate Nilima, our wonderfully diligent in house nurse. Mentally otherwise she shows normal behavior. Milus antecedents are not clearly known. She says her brother is a railway employee at Silchar. Inspite of our best efforts including that of the Silchar police, we could not locate him. She also says she has three sons and two of them are drivers with Meghalaya State Transport Corporation. But when we enquired from the Corporation, theydrew a blank. She says she landed up at Guwahati in a Bus from Shillong. This part appears to be true since she could correctly describe the route of the bus ride and even the colour of the bus she rode.