The fifty two year old Mohini , a graduate, was married to an electrical linesman working for the state    electricity board, as per the wishes of her parents immediately after she appeared for her graduation. Within days of her marriage, she discovered, her husband had a very loose character. He was an alcoholic and a habitual gambler. On top of that, she found out  that he had illicit relationship with his own sister in law. That resulted in frequent scuffles with his brother who because of demand of his work, had to stay away from their home. Whenever she confronted him with proof including red handed ones, he would bit her  up mercilessly. In fact he was such a bad influence in the family that ultimately all his relatives out casted him. He blamed her for this and became more vengeful. Unable to bear the mental and physical trauma, she decided to desert him and went back to her parents. The husband quickly got an another women to stay with him. She stayed with her parents for a couples of years. But both her parents expired in quick succession. Her elder sister brought her to her home. She was a widow with hardly any source of income. They lived together and Mohini tried in vein to get a job. She felt, she was a huge burden on her elder sister more so because she was highly diabetic. She could not afford the medicine to control it. She approached us for shelter which we are providing now. We have consulted an endocrinologist who has put her on regular medication.  The blood sugar level has improved now. She also developed premature cataract. One of her eyes have since been operated. We have also helped her to file a divorce petition which is under trial now.