Nirupama Devi Nirupama Devi, around fifty plus, a divorcee, helpless woman had a son, but the court gave the custody of the boy to her husband when he was barely six. She remained single for twenty years, lived on pittance earned as a help in a match factory till it downed its shutters. There after she had no money or a place to live. Her son , by then 21 year old, used to help her occasionally without the knowledge of his father. He started a small business to sustain but failed in his endeavour. In the mean time she turned an alcoholic who would drink country liquor for days together without food. Her health deteriorated and she was turned into a skeleton. The poor boy came knocking at our doors. We provided her shelter and with the help of an expert put her in strict detox regime. In no time she came out of this and today she is a healthy lady with immense energy. She is a work mare.