This 65 yr old was picked up from a thatched hamlet on top of a wooded hilltop. She was living alone , dependent on some nearby villagers who would frequently give her food. Because of a road accident, she had multiple fractures on her limbs which although joined was very painful to her. She would walk with the support of a wooden stick, limping in pain.  

   Born to a daily wage earners family, she had 5 brothers. Four of them died very early in life. Father also died when she was 8 years old. The mother brought her up by doing house hold chores in the neighborhood but she also expired when Priyabala was 18. Within a couple of days even her only surviving brother was drowned in a river leaving Priyabala all alone. A relative brought her to Guwahati and gave her to a renowned singer’s family to work as a housemaid. Within 2 years she ran away for reasons she would never divulge. She started working as a construction worker. There she met a mason and married him. Her husband turned out to be a confirmed alcoholic. They lived together for 12 years but did not have any children. One evening she came to know her husband’s dead body was lying by the side of a busy road. She ran to the site, but as the fate may have it, a speeding car hit her and left her with multiple fractures in all the four limbs. She does not know who cremated her husband. She was admitted to a hospital. Some passerby helped her to file a suit and she got a compensation of Rs 1.5 lakh. Out of this amount, the pleader took his lions share of 50,000, the witnesses took 50,000, and the remaining 50,000/ was paid towards her hospital bills. She came out of the hospital crippled and broke, sold off her small plot of unregistered occupied Government land for a paltry eight thousand rupees with a proviso that she will be allowed to stay in the thatched hut built on a corner of the plot as long as she desires. She lived with that money for about a year till she had nothing left other than despair and suffering.       

She was the first to make Seneh her home. Today, thanks to the efforts of Seneh, Priyabala not only walks without a stick but also cooks for the entire residents by turn. Seneh organized her cataract operations of both eyes, is treating her high blood pressure with regular medication , persuaded her to give up smoking bidi and chewing tobacco. Her health improved tremendously. You visit Seneh, and be sure, within a couple of minutes, Priyabala will appear beaming with a hot cup of tea.