Purnima Adhikari
A spinster this sixty plus woman was born in a tribal family  in a village about ninety kilometre away from Guwahati, Assam. Her family was relatively well off in a sense that they had enough land to cultivate and the single crop of paddy was enough to feed the family of nine and also sell the surplus to cater for the other needs. Purnima went to the only Girls school situated 4 km away which she along with few others from the  village walked every day to and fro .She appeared in the matriculation examination and plucked. That ended her studies. A year later her father died. She lost her mother early. One of her elder brothers took charge of the family. He abhorred physical work. Her other brothers left the village for greener pastures in Guwahati. After marriage they started living in the town and left the family property to the brother to fend. The lazy gentleman started squandering the property first by giving it on lease and later by selling it and dividing the proceeds between the brothers. Ultimately the family had hardly any resource to sustain. Purnima decided to travel to Guwahati, first lived with one of her brothers, joined the Home Guard as a constable on contract basis and shifted to the barracks. The meagre income was enough to sustain and meet her day today expenditures. After serving in home guard for 35 years she was forcefully retired with no retirement benefits because of her poor health condition. With her money saved she hired a small house and lived there till she had nothing left in her hands to sustain.  She came to Seneh , our home for destitute old women for shelter. After ascertaining her story to be true we accommodated her. Initially she had a problem in adjusting but gradually she found her foot. She has a heart condition that requires regular medication. She also complains of body ache which is attributed to arthritis.