Purnima Rabha

Purnima an approx 50 plus years old was lying on the pavement of a busy intersection partially conscious in great pain. Both her legs were swollen at least four times the normal with liquid oozing out. In one of the worst affected fingers some parasites could be seen crawling. Some passerby threw petrol on this wound probably to kill the parasites. In the process burned the area. A foul smell was emanating from these wounds. Hundreds passed by, but not a single man helped. Our volunteers spotted her, lifted her and brought her in. She was admitted to the ICU of a private hospital and was put on live support. After 10 days she recovered partially. Now she is able to walk around, the swelling reduced and the wounds partially healed. She is under care of two nurses at our premises. Unfortunately the doctors found two of her heart valves leaking. We will take a call about her heart after she recovers completely from her other afflictions.