The latest to join the Seneh family  Ms Roma  Kar Gupta, is the most educated of the lot with a masters degree in History. Fate played havoc with this seventy something lady . Born to a school teacher  couple  she  had two elder brothers. After schooling she did her BA and then MA in history from Guwahati University with a first class and joined as a lecturer in Biswanath Chariali  College. She taught history and gained the reputation as a very good teacher. Soon afterwards she got married to an executive working for  M/S USHA company posted to Guwahati. They had a happy married life but no children. After a couple of years after marriage suddenly one day she found she had lost the power of hearing for some neurotic  reason.  They went to the best hospital available those days ie CMC, Vellur , but the doctors told her  problem cannot be treated. She lost her job as a professor. The couple shifted to Kolkota. In 2002 her husband had a heart attack . He survived. But next year when he suffered the second attack, he was not that lucky. His demise brought in the saddest period of her life. She had no house, no income , no one to bank upon. By that time her eldest brother also expired. She went to her other brother to live with him. Her brother along with his son duped her of her husbands savings of a few lakh of Rupees.  After her brothers demise , the son and his mother started mistreating her, they would beat her for the smallest provocation like a little more food than what they would give her.  They also took away her ornaments on the pretext that she need to pay for her food and lodging. Once she had nothing to satisfy their greed they threw her out and she took shelter in a free old age home  in a remote area near Kolkota . Unfortunately after a year the founder of the home passed away and the home closed subsequently. One of her niece , the daughter of her other elder brother brought her to Guwahati. By that  time she lost her vision. She lived with her niece for a year and thereafter the niece brought her to Seneh.
At  Seneh, thanks to the kind help of  Netralaya, an eye care centre she is now able to see with one eye. Her other eye is also planned to be operated . We have also consulted an ENT specialist who feels a hearing aid may help. But somehow she is not cooperating with the doctor since she feels convinced, her ears are beyond redemption.