Smti Rupali Neog:
Age: 50 years
Rupali  was born blind in a poor family in rural Assam. Without any medical intervention which probably could have restored partial eyesight, she remained blind for life.  Her travails with life started at the tender age of eight when her mother died. Her father took another wife.Within days, her stepmother started thinking she was a burden and maltreated her. She will beat her up in slightest pretext, made her work morning till night, and quite often, would not even give her two square meals. With her disability, she silently withstood the trauma till she met an another blind man who came to their house for begging. He was moved by her plight. They started courting. On the sixth month of courtship, they tied the nuptial cord. Their relation soured in about a years time both being fiercely independent  Though she was not in  good terms with her husband, she gave birth to a daughter. They lived together for fifteen years. One day,they fought fiercely and in a huff she walked out leaving behind her daughter ,would spend her nights on the veranda of shops and lived on begging. Seeing her plight a good Muslim family gave her shelter. She would hand over whatever she earns from begging to the family, and in turn, they will provide her food ,shelter and care. When she came to knowabout our  destitute home , she came and  is living happily in “Seneh”.