Sadhana is a living example of irrationality of fate. Probably very few in the World had the answers to the reasons of this irrationality that leads to selective human sufferings. This 70 year old charming and petite woman , talented and polished, was married to an engineer who worked in the Fertilizer Corporation of India. With two beautiful children , they were a very happy family. The photographs that Sadhana preserves as her only guide to go down the memory lane, depicts the fun and gusto with which the family lived. Sadhana was an accomplished dancer and entertainer . Then tragedy struck. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer. He died within six months at Vellore Christian Hospital. One year before his demise , their daughter was married to a wealthy businessman. With whatever money she had from her husbands savings and benefits offered by the employers, she shifted to Guwahati with her son and started living in a rented accommodation for his studies. Her husbandís ancestral home was forcibly occupied by his relatives. Her son did his MBA and managed a job at Guwahati. By that time, all her savings were exhausted. Her only hope was her son . But once again God ordained her to suffer. The son died in a bike accident leaving Sadhana a mental wreck. Her son-in law refused help or solace. An octogenarian lady took her home. She lived there for more than a year. But probably the good lady was unable to understand that sporadic strange behavior of Sadhana was actually the result of her psychological trauma and tribulations. She handed her over to the Police who in turn brought her to Seneh. At Seneh it took us some times to understand her afflictions. Sadhana abhorred physical work and was extremely talkative. When she was around in a group, she would not allow anyone else to talk. Occasionally she would pick up verbal fights with others and then show withdrawal symptoms. We took her to the psychiatrist ( She was told she is being referred to a very famous doctor to improve her husky voice). With regular psychiatric drugs, she has become normal. Inspite of her age, she gives dance performances whenever a program is planned in the home. She also sings. We got her cataracts operated. After extracting the remaining teeth, she has been given dentures. Sadhana is now able to cook independently whenever her turn comes. Sadhana will never come out of her room, early morning onward, without powdering her face or dressing up fashionably. She now feels extremely secured and happy.

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