Sarala was picked up from her shack located in a suburb of Guwahati  by our team when we were informed about the plight of this visually impaired woman by a neighbor two years back. According to her , she lost her eye sight at the tender age of four when she sustained eye injuries and some village quack treated her for it. This story is not subscribed by the ophthalmologists  we  consulted. According to them, her ophthalmic nerves are beyond repairs which indicates she was born blind. Strangely, Sarala can differentiate colours. When asked about the colour of the dress she is  wearing, she correctly gives the answer.
  Sarala grew up in a Government residential blind school. She did her matriculation from there and secured a first division with distinction. She also learnt music and passed the intermediate examination of music from Bhatkhande university through their distant learning program.
  Fifty year old Sarala has two brothers, one  lodged in jail for some criminal activity and the other  a driver.  She had her two very old and almost crippled parents who lived on morsels of food given by her driver brother. Normally the food sufficed for one , so two of them would starve by turn. Inspite of numerous visits, appeals and greasing palms of some officials, Sarala did not get any Government job or help. Her brother would force her to beg and her stubborn refusal  led to torture.
  Sarala was married to a man who turned out to be a drunkard. She once conceived, but her husband in a drunken stupor kicked her underbelly so hard, the fetus died in her womb. She came back to her parents.
   When we brought her to “Seneh”,  Sarala was so malnourished she could not walk without support. She was dangerously anemic and had high blood pressure. Her legs were swollen. Our doctors worked on her and thanks to their efforts and the regular hygienic diet, Sarala is today a healthy and happy member of the family. Every morning and evening, Sarala practices music. The drug dealers Association of Guwahati  presented her with a harmonium. Whenever  some visitors come calling to Seneh, Sarala would always render a beautiful song to entertain them. She has also tuned the title song of Seneh. Sarala also earns a small sum by giving music lessons to a small girl who lives nearby.
  Both of Sarala’s parents died happy after they found her blind daughter in the safe hands of Seneh.