Shefali, 70 years of age,is unable to remember coherently about her past because of dementia. We pieced together tit bits from what she narrated below.
 She originally hailed from earstwhile East Bengal ( Now Bangla Desh).The family migrated to Kolkata because of partition. At Kolkata   her father died leaving her mother with two kids alone in the refugee camp. Sometimes in  fifties  her mother took her two children , Shefali and her kid brother, and came to Guwahati  in pursuit of a job.  She started working as a part time help in two houses and lived  in a make shift house. Shefali  around fifteen then,  started helping her mother when a suitor came and married her. He worked as a supervisor in some place. They had a son.  Around thirty years back he moved to Shillong and started working there. The family lived quite happily till her husband cheated on her and started seeing a Khasi woman. Quite often he  would live with this woman leaving Shefali alone for days  with her child.  Later he took his son also with him .  One day he came to her and told her he wants to leave Shillong immediately with her leaving behind the child with the other woman. Shefali cannot remember the reason.  Accordingly both of them got into a bus to Guwahati. But on way to Guwahati,  some Khasi boys way laid them and he was hacked to death in front of her. She was spared.  She came to Guwahati. By that time her brother also died. Her old mother gave her shelter and she started working as domestic  help. Within a year her mother also breathed her last. Shefali  shifted to the house of a Marwari businessman and worked there as a full time maid till she was unable to do much  because of old age and sickness.  The owner turned her out. She started living under the Railway Bridge and took to begging when a good Samaritan took pity on her and brought her to his home. She stayed there for about a year. This gentleman ultimately came and handed her over to Seneh .Shefali  does not know anything about her son .