We or for that matter no one knows about Sukhis past. She cannot remember anything. Sukhi was handed over to us by a local NGO after treating her successfully for schizophrenia. She could hardly see or hear. She would hardly talk and even if she tried we could hardly decipher what she wanted to convey. Except a few broken teeth she had none others. Sukhi , we were informed, was picked up from the street by the NGO. Her physical condition was pathetic

On arrival our Doctors have found Sukhi suffering from high blood pressure and malnutrition. In addition to blood pressure medication Sukhi also requires psychiatric drug for life. With good food and care Sukhis general health improved. We organized cataract operation of both eyes, got her ailing teeth extracted and gave her dentures. We also provided Sukhi with hearing aids.

Today , Sukhi can see with both eyes, chew with her dentures and hear well with the help of the hearing aid. Although normally quiet , when asked, she answers feebly. She is always ready with her zig when requested, does all household chores with zeal. She is the voluntary help of Sarala, the visually impaired lady to lead her around. She started playing Frisbee and ludo with others . . She carries herself elegantly with a broad and beautiful smils. She is the darling of the house.