Tarini was brought to Seneh by an old gentleman who lived in the outskirt of Guwahati. The story of her life is laced with love, sacrifices and sufferings. Tarini comes from an upper caste family of upper Assam. She studied upto Matriculation and joined the Social Welfare Department of Assam as a Gram Sevika. There, she met a fellow employee from a so called lower caste, fell in love and rebelled against the will of her parents and siblings and married him. The family abandoned her. With both earning, they were very happy and well off. The couple lived together for 15 years but were childless. Then her widowed mother in law fell ill. Her husband being the only son the old lady who lived alone had no one to look after her. Tarini volunteered , quit her job, bought a small piece of land at the suburb of Guwahati, constructed a small house and started living with her mother- in- law. The lady would always lament she was going to die without seeing the face of a grand child. Since she knew she cannot conceive, Tarini forced her husband to marry an another woman so that he can sire a child. He obliged and two children were born out of this wedlock. The mother- in- law died peacefully. Then her husband fell ill. Tarini did everything she could to save him. She took him to Madras for treatment, after exhausting all their money, sold off half of the land she had, to foot the bill, but all in vain. He died. Her real ordeal started there after. After his death, she found to her horror, she was no longer welcome in the house she built, with her life’s savings. With the help of some goons , the other wife dove her away from her home. A neighbor who knew all about the family, gave her shelter, food and financial support to lodge a civil suit. The same gentleman brought her to us. Tarini suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis of the knees. She is under treatment and thanks to the efforts of our doctors, the in house nurse and a strict food and exercise regime, she is now otherwise quite healthy. We organized her training for flower making with cloth and also knitting. She is now very proficient in both. The lions Club of Guwahati has placed an order with her for knitting sweaters, and she is engaged in it day in and day out. She is a good cook, is the lead singer in the morning and after noon prayers that the residents are required to say. She is an in born actor. A skit by the inmates where she was in the lead was telecast live in a popular TV channel. With our efforts and financial help, she could get a favourable out of court settlement and God willing, very shortly she will earn a small fortune. When we ask her if after the final settlement she will like to leave the home for greener pastures, she starts crying and begs us not to uproot her. We will take a call when the actual moment comes since basically we give shelter and all other amenities to those who have no means of livelihood.