Urmila was picked up from a village near Tongla of Sonitpur district of Assam. We were informed of Urmila by a young man of the area who took pity on this blind woman who lived on a hutment and survived on alms given by villagers. He came to know about Seneh because of a piece of news about us broadcasted by a local T V channel.
Urmila has nobody in the World whom she can claim as her relation. Born in a poor villagers family, she had three other siblings. All of them died in their prime. She lost her mother when she was eight and father when she was fourteen. The villagers got her married to a small time contractor. They had a son out of this wedlock. With a modest earning , a caring husband , and an intelligent son, for 22 years Urmila had a satisfying life till tragedy stuck. Her husband died in Guwahati Medical College hospital because of acute pneumonia. She started living with her son as the only hope with the modest savings her husband left in a hired accommodation. She would augment her finances working as part time maid. The son was quite intelligent, topped in his class, represented the school in football. He turned 17 and appeared in the matriculation examination. Urmila was  happy, satisfied and a proud mother But cruel destiny once again played havoc on her. Her son contacted pneumonia and died in the same hospital where she lost her husband on the day when his matriculation results were announced. Urmila was left all alone in life.
  This tiny brave woman did not loose her cool. She had no money since all she had was spent on the treatment of her husband and son. She started working hard as part time maid to earn her living, spend her spare time visiting different households and taking part in all festivities in these houses. But God would not allow her peace. Gradually she lost her vision and ultimately was not able to go out without help. A good Samaritan in the locality took her to his home and gave her food and clothes to wear. She lived with him for a year when we got her to Seneh.

Thanks to the efforts of the ophthalmologists of Sankardeva Netralaya, Guwahati and our team of dedicated employees, Urmila today is no longer blind. It was a lovely sight to see Urmila walk in, dancing in glee, after the bandage of the  eye   operated first was  opened. Today this diminutive beautiful woman in her early seventies is a mine of energy and the centre of inspiration for all. She always wears the most beautiful toothless smile in the World. You visit Seneh and you will find Urmila appearing  within minutes with a cup of tea beaming with her beautiful smile