Usha ,around seventy, is hardly four feet tall but she is a bundle of energy. Anyone who visits Seneh will find the sprightly Usha running with folded hands to greet him/her before even others react. Usha was born to a  poor family  in present day  Bangladesh. Her father was a help in a Zamindars family. She had four siblings. At the tender age of twelve she was married to a small time grocer. After 71 war, fearing their lives because of religious persecution , they fled Bangladesh, crossed the border through a riverine route. Was caught at Border by BSF, bribed them a Hundred Rupee each and entered Assam and crossed the Brahmaputra and started living at Dhekiajuli  not far away from Tezpur with one of their relations. Later they shifted to Fakiragram near Bengal border. There her husband bought a small piece of land, constructed a hut, and started a business of making and selling puffed rice, beaten rice and few other popular eatables of the poor. They elked out a living and had three daughters. The eldest two  ran away with their suitors from alien lands ( Punjab ) and the third got married to a salesman of a small hardware shop at Guwahati.  They adopted a boy with the hope that he will see them through in their old age. Unfortunately  by  twenty, he became a nuisance.  Then six years back her husband died. By that time the adopted boy brought in a ruthless woman as his wife .After the demise of her husband  both of them started torturing her. She was forced to do all the house hold works but quite often denied her food. The woman would beat her for flimsiest of reason. Unable to bear the humiliation she left her home and took the earliest train without any ticket or anything other than what she was wearing  till she was detrained at Kokrajar. There she lived for two months on the platform. She did not know how to beg or so proud, she could not beg and lived days without food. Sometimes some good Samaritans would throw morsels at her  or she will scavenge the left over food on the platform. She was retrieved from the platform by a few well meaning  young men and woman and handed over to us for shelter. Today Usha  is so energetic she runs around hopping like a sparrow and  greets everyone with her captivating grin and a Namaste. She says aloud to all and sundry she has got back her life of dignity and comfort.